How to join CyberWay for those who are interested in being validators ?

Quick Reference Guide

If you want to register on the CyberWay network as a validator, you should follow these steps.

Machine performance requirements

First of all, you need to prepare your machine, which should satisfy the characteristics:

  • Disk space amount - (at least) 80 GB;

  • RAM memory - 8 GB (16 - recommended)

  • CPU High Clock Speed 4+ Cores

One of the following operating systems should be installed on your machine :

  • Ubuntu (versions recommended: 16.04 or 18.04);

  • MacOS Darwin 10.12 (or later);

  • Centos 7;

  • Fedora 25 (or advanced);

  • Mint 18.

Also, the following software must be installed on the machine :

  • docker;

  • docker-compose.

Actions to be taken

Step_1 Create a workspace and execute the commands:

$ git clone
$ cd cyberway.launch
$ sudo ./

Check that

  • the configuration file has been moved to /etc/cyberway/config.ini

  • the contents of Golos application directory has been moved to /var/lib/cyberway.

Step_2 Specify yours’ account name and both public and private keys in the configuration file config.ini. You can specify the keys that you received during registration, or generate new ones by executing

$ cleos wallet create_key

Edit variables in the config.ini file:

signature-provider=<GLS7  … >=KEY:5j****
producer-name=<account name>

Run the commands:

$ sudo dockerexec -ti nodeosd /bin/bash
$ cleos wallet create --to-console
$ cleos wallet import --private-key <active-key>

Step_3 The validator candidate stake must be at least 50 000.0000 CYBER tokens. To set the minimum stake, run the command:

$ cleos push action cyber.stake setminstaked '{"account" : "<account name>", "token_code" : "CYBER", "min_own_staked" : 500000000}' -p <account name>

The parameter min_own_staked is a minimum amount of CYBER tokens required to become a validator.

Step_4 Activate your keys:

$ cleos push action cyber.stake setkey '{"account":"<account name>", "token_code":"CYBER", "signing_key":"<  … >"}' -p <account name>

Step_5 If the user has not previously been a validator in the blockchain, then he/she needs to set zero proxy level:

$ cleos push action cyber.stake setproxylvl '{"account" : "<account name>", "token_code" : "CYBER", "level" : 0}' -p <account name>

Нaving successfully completed the above steps you become a candidate for validators.

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