How To Check Your Balance


Check your token balance.


The operation can be performed in two ways - using the site and using explorer

Way 1: Check your balance using the site

Step 1.1

Go to the page<account name>. Let the account name is golos.

Step 1.2

Open wallet tab. The types of tokens available on account balance will be shown in the left menu.

The fields at the top of menu indicate actions that can be performed by your account.

Golos and CYBER fields are types of tokens that are on your account balance.

Golos Power and CYBER STAKE fields are number of staked tokens of Golos and CYBER respectively.

Awaiting field is number and type of tokens in the state of illiquid.

Way 2: Check your balance using explorer

Step 2.1

Go to the page specify account name. Please note that different names may be assigned to accounts depending on dApps. Let it i andreypf.

Step 2.2

In window that opens, all information about this account will be displayed, including balance.

You can see the following information:

  • CYBER Tokens: 804.0000

  • GOLOS Tokens: 0.188

  • GOLOS Tokens in the state of illiquid: 0.754

Also, you can see status of the steak: Own field shows amount of tokens that are available for conversion toCYBER. This field is updated after each account action.

Please note that the explorer does not show Golos Power balance, since this type of token is specific and applicable only to dApp Golos. Therefore, explorer it is not available.

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