How To Vote For A Witness


Transfer a part of tokens Golos Power to vote for a witness candidate.


The operation can be performed through the contract gls.ctrl.

Step 1

Go to the page<@account name>/wallet and review your token balance.

The field Golos Power displays number of tokens a part of which you can spend on voting for witness.

Step 2

Go to the page

Step 3

In menu that opens, select action votewitness and fill in the fields.


  • voter - account ID that is voting for the witness candidate.

  • witness - account ID of the witness candidate for whom the vote is cast.

  • authorization - the same account ID that is voting.

Step 4

Click Build transaction.

Step 5

Review transaction. Make sure the transaction contains correct information.

Step 6

Subscribe with your private key and click Sign transation to send it on blockchain.

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