How To Transfer Tokens To A Worker


Create a multi-signature transaction for transferring funds from gls.worker account to a worker to pay for finished work. The transaction should be approved by Golos active leaders.

Before you begin

  • Install the currently supported version of cleos.

  • Understand the following:

Worker - a user directly performing work in accordance with the statement of work. User’s account can be an individual or a group of people.


Step 1 Retrive a list of active leaders with the appropriate authority to create (as well as to sign) proposal transaction to pay a worker his work.

Variant 1 Retrive the list of active leaders using JS. Go to

In Permissions section open the field of active Golos leaders with gls@witn.smajor account rights.

In the field active, account gls.worker has an authorization from gls@active - that is a list of active leaders. Copy the list of active leaders from witn.smajor to separate place.

Signatures of these leaders will be necessary to sign proposal transaction.

Variant 2 Retrive the list of active leaders using cleos command line.

Get gls.worker authority:

$ cleos -u http://seed-1:8888 get account gls.worker


created: 2019-08-15T14:00:00.00
     owner     1:    1 gls@owner
        active     1:    1 gls@active`
     quota:         0 bytes  used:        0 bytes

Get leaders authority:

$ cleos -u http://seed-1:8888 get account gls


Step 2 Create proposal transaction. To prevent the transaction from becoming expired while signatures are being collected, you have to set the transaction expiretime, for example, 14 days that is 1209600 in seconds (60×60×24×14=1209600). The maximum allowable time is 45 days.

For convenience, you can get and use the list of supported options.

$ cleos push action --help


The most important options are -x, -s and -d. The command line looks like:

$ cleos –u http://seed-1:8888 push action –d –s –x 1209600 cyber.token transfer '{"from":"gls.worker", "to":"shwojevqcywn", "quantity":"1000.000 GOLOS", "memo":""}' –p gls.worker –bandwidth-provider gls.worker/gls


Copy the transaction output code to a separate file (i.e. worker.trx).

Step 3 Form a list of signatories. Retrive a list of active leaders who have right to sign a transaction. This list can be retrieved from the gls account authorization:

$ cleos –u http://seed-1:8888 get account –j gls

From the result output, select and save the list of actors that will look like:

Convert list of actors to string form like this one [{"account", "permission"}, ... ,{"account", "permission"}].


[{"actor": "lavnch3wug2o","permission: "active"},{"actor": "2cv2urmf2pud","permission: "active"}, ... ,{"actor": "rtvmqvzi5lvt","permission: "active"}]

Step 4 Submit the proposal. Variant 1 Submit the proposal using JS. Go to, open the propose tab and fill the fields in.

  • proposer – an author of proposal, any user can be (shwojevqcywn - in our case).

  • proposal_name – proposal name (worker.trans - in our case).

  • requested – kept string of signatories [{...}].

  • trx – kept transaction code that is {...}.

  • description – some comment.

Enter the proposer name in the authorization field. Click build transaction.

Variant 2 Submit the proposal using cleos command line:

cleos -u http://seed-1:8888 multisig propose_trx worker.trans permissions.json worker.trx shwojevqcywn -p shwojevqcywn
  • permissions.json - the file containing permisions list in JSON form.

  • worker.trx - the file containing transaction.

Step 5 Sign the transaction with your private key and send a link to the transaction to Golos leaders. Variant 1 Sign the transaction using JS.

Variant 2 Sign the transaction using cleos command line.

cleos -u http://seed-1:8888 multisig approve shwojevqcywn worker.trans '{"actor":"shwojevqcywn", "permission":"active"}' -p shwojevqcywn

Step 6 Review the proposal. Variant 1 Review the proposal using JS. Go to The list of proposals sent by the proposer account will appear, indicating block number and transaction (worker.trans). Leaders can sign the transaction using this link.

Click name worker.trans to get actual information about voting process.

Variant 2 Review the proposal using cleos command line:

$ cleos -u http://seed-1:8888 multisig review shwojevqcywn worker.trans

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