How To Revoke Your Vote For A Validator


Recall the right to use a delegated stake when voting for validators. The steak can be withdrawn partially or completely. The operation can be performed in two ways: automatically or manually.

Way 1: Automatic

Step 1.1

Go to the page<account name>. Let the account name is zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Step 1.2

Review the field Grants. This field will display information about staked tokens delegated to accounts (validators or proxies).

Click Recall.

Step 1.3

Fill in the fields in window that appears.

Fill in the field in window that appears - sign with your active key.

Way 2: Manual

The operation can be performed through the contract cyber.stake.

Step 2.1

Go to the page

Step 2.2

In menu that opens, select action recallvote and fill in the fields.


  • grantor_name - the identifier of account that withdraws the right to use the stake.

  • recipient_name - the identifier of a validator or proxy account from which the right to use the stake is withdrawn.

  • token_code - the type of token (just specify CYBER).

  • pct - share of stake. The value is in percent (5000 corresponds to 50%, 10000 corresponds to 100%).

  • authorization - the same identifier of your account.

Step 2.3

Click Build transaction.

Step 2.4

Review transaction. Make sure the transaction contains correct information.

Step 2.5

Subscribe with your private key and click Sign transation to send it on blockchain.

Note, funds will not be returned immediately, but after a certain time.

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