Mainnet Connection Guide

This Guide is meant to help the CyberWay validator, as well as the personnel having a server at their disposal, in installing CyberWay software on the server and connecting it to Mainnet.
The Guide contains description of two variants for connecting a server to Mainnet — connecting the server as a seed-node and connecting it as a validator node. It is assumed that the server is running under Ubuntu 16.04 operating system or another Linux family system using Docker and Docker-compose software.
The instructions given in this guide concern the personnel with basic computer skills and familiar with the basic concepts of blockchain technology.
This Guide provides:
  • downloading the CyberWay software to the server;
  • configuring nodeos service;
  • startup of the Docker container;
  • setting up the nodeosd and mongo;
  • checking server readiness to connect to Mainnet.