How To Undelegate Resources


Return originally delegated resource for an account.

Beware that only the account which originally delegated resource can undelegate.

Before you begin

  • Install the currently supported version of cleos.

  • Ensure the reference system contracts from cyberway.contracts repository is deployed and used to manage system resources.

  • Understand the following:


alice account withdraws 10 CYBER from bob account which were previously delegated to him: This operation is performed in two steps.

Step_1: Request for a return of delegated staked tokens.

$ cleos push action cyber.stake recalluse '[alice, bob, "10.0000 CYBER"]' -p alice@active

or using specialized cleos system command undelegatebw:

$ cleos system undelegatebw alice bob "10.0000 CYBER"

Step_2: Crediting withdrawn tokens to a stake.

$ cleos push action cyber.stake claim '[alice, bob, “CYBER”]' -p  alice@active

or using specialized cleos system command claimbw:

$ cleos system claimbw alice bob "CYBER"

Note The (RAM, NET, CPU, Storage) resources are not directly undelegated. Instead of resources, their total cost is undelegated — number of staked tokens.

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