How To Submit A Proposal For HardFork


Submit a proposal to implement it via HardFork.

Before you begin

  • Install the currently supported version of cleos.

  • Understand the following:

Proposal - an idea submitted by user to improve functionality or other characteristics of CyberWay blockchain. The proposal can be submitted as a separate post with a description of the idea without a way to implement it or with a description of the idea and a ready-made technical solution for its implementation.

Worker - a user directly performing work in accordance with the statement of work. A user’s account can be an individual or a group of people.


To submit a proposal you can use the following command:

$ cleos multisig approve <proposer> <proposal_name> <permissions>
  • proposer- user account submitting the proposal.

  • proposal_name - unique name assigned to the multi-signature transaction when it is created.

  • permissions - a level of permission required to approve the submitted proposal.

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