How To Transfer Funds From Pending to Liquid


Transfer tokens from pending to liquid.


The operation can be performed through the contract cyber.token.

Step 1

Go to the page and specify account name. Let it is zxcat.

Step 2

Open an account balance and determine amount of tokens that need to be made liquid.

The field paiments contains amount of "pending" tokens that is 0.764 GOLOS. This amount is to be transfered to liquid.

Step 3

Keep ID of your account. In our case, this is xhdtonx5zvnd.

Step 4

In menu that opens, select action claim and fill in the fields.


  • owner - the identifier of your account.

  • quantity - the number of funds transferred, taking into account the required accuracy. For GOLOS tokens, you must specify three numbers after the point, for CYBER - four.

  • authorization - the same identifier of your account.

Step 5

Click Build transaction.

Step 6

Check transaction.

Make sure the transaction contains correct information.

Step 7

Subscribe with your private key and click Sign transation to send it on blockchain.

Step 8

Return to page with account balance again and make sure that the payment field has become empty, and amount of liquid tokens has increased by the number of funds transferred.

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